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We are about healthy lifestyles 365 days of the year. Its not about losing weight or building muscle only. Its about making the right food choices and the time to exercise throughout the year not just to get rid of winter and holiday weight. Join us today to experience the benefits of training with attentive trainers who ensure that your health and fitness needs are met.

Benefits of exercising regularly:

  •     Exercise combats disease and improved your health condition.
  •     Exercise boosts your energy levels and improves your mood.
  •     Exercise controls your weight
  •     Exercise promotes better sleep
  •     Exercise is fun and keeps you looking and feeling young
  •     What we get up to at the Healthy365 Boot camp 
  • Running, Functional training and cross-fit with certified trainers.


    We advocate healthy eating habits to our clients as nutrition plays a huge role in weight management and general good health.To help you in your journey of health and fitness we will give you nutrition advice on how to make better food choices.